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Four Day Detoxification Program



Carb Curbing Bitters is a four-day detoxification programthat can help to cleanse the small and large intestines of toxins and waste. Especially sugar.  Individuals should expect toxins to be removed from the body through waste.  For best results, CARB Curbing Bitters should be used regularly along with a light-protein diet and regular exercise. Suggested to help reduce and eliminate a wide number of toxins which invade the Holistic Body Systemas a routine maintenance herbal regimen. 


 Recommended Usage:

Boil 32 oz of purified water and lower the herbal tea bag mix into it.  Let it cool before refrigeration.


Dry formula combination consisting of  cascara sagrada bark, fever few herb, cilantro, dandelion root, senna leaf & wormwood.



 This product is extremely bitter and not easy to dilute. Preferably consumed at full strength.Before taking  carb  curbing  bitters in tandem with any medication prescribed by a medical doctor for health complications, check for contraindications.  Results vary by user.

Do not consume more than the recommended amount unless otherwise directed by your health care professional. HERBAL PRODUCTS DO NOT REPLACE PRESCRIBED MEDICATION.  No Medical claims exist for this product.


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration***

Flat Belly Bitters (Carb Curbing Detox)
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Flat Belly Bitters (Carb Curbing Detox)
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